Ipamorelin by Lifetech Labs 1.8mg x 10 Vials

Ipamorelin by Lifetech Labs 1.8mg x 10 Vials
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Tags: Ipamorelin by Lifetech Labs 1.8mg x 10 Vials


Item: Ipamorelin
Packaging: 1.8mg x 10ml Vials
Manufacturer: Lifecare Labs
Active Ingredients: Ipamorelin
Typical Dosage: 100mcg - 300mcg 2x per day not to exceed 6 months
Product Highlights: 

Biopeptide Ipamorelin of Lifetech Labs is the specific GHRP of growth hormone release. It is powerful, effective and without side effects. The natural GH will be stimulated increasingly and stable.

Combined with a GHRH such as MOD GFR (1-29) and the beneficial effects on the development of the body and muscles will be multiplied.

Peptide Ipamorelin is a product for a cycle of lean mass gain and slimming (Muscle definition) and above all a surprising anti-aging effect. With it you will get:

  • A total reduction of body fat
  • An increase in lean muscle mass
  • An increase in size of existing muscle fibers
  • An incredible wellness: better sleep, better cholesterol profile, increased energy levels ...
  • Faster recovery between workouts
  • A reduction in healing time after trauma or surgery
  • Anti-aging peptide (anti-aging), reduction of wrinkles

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