Sun Beauty (MELANOTAN + IPAMORELIN) by Lifetech Labs 2.1mg x 10 Vials

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Lifetech labs Recommended dosage for new users:

  • Normal dosage (700mcg/day)

Lifetech labs Recommended dosage for advanced users: those who are already experienced with steroids, peptides or HGH:

  • Advanced dosage = Double dose (1.4mg/day)

Lifetech labs Recommended Elite Pro dosage for Competitors and Professionals:

  • Elite Pro dosage = Triple dose (2.1mg/day)
  • Tip: divide the injections during the day


Before reconstitution (lyophilized / freeze dried powder):

  • Can be stored in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C = 35°F to 47°F) for 36 months.
  • Can be stored at room Temperature (up to 37°C = 99°F) for 90 days.

After reconstitution (liquid):

  • Can be stored in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C = 35°F to 47°F) for 5 days.

Lifetech Labs and Lifetech Labs certified official partners always store the products in professional laboratory refrigerators. Transport time at room temperature has no effect on product quality degradation.


Your first injection should be a very small dose, for example 350 mcg (17 units on the insulin syringe) to see how you react, as sensitivity varies greatly. The goal should be to feel nothing.


Load with 700 mcg once a day. People who have used doses in this range generally report getting excellent results. Do not worry about missing occasional days/doses – this product can be considered as a lifestyle product meant to be used intermittently. Developing desirable pigment changes while on synthetic melanocyte stimulating hormone(s) can take weeks to months for results


Maintenance dosing SUN BEAUTY is taking doses less frequently (and/or with less dosage) to avoid becoming darker than desired. A maintenance dose can help prolong photo-protection delivered through greater melanin density.

SUN BEAUTY also helps in protecting against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight due to its melanogenesis-stimulating properties.

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